Grip & Lighting


Our grip and lighting division stocks the very best equipment in the industry servicing Central and South Florida. Our warehouse is stocked with Kino Flo fluorescents, ARRI HMIs, and LitePanels LEDs along with quality hardware from Matthews Studio Equipment, rugged grip carts from Studio Carts, and rags from LA Rag House. Call us today to reserve a grip truck, or à la carte grip and lighting rental.

Grip Truck Rental

Our grip trucks were designed by a Florida grip and lighting professional with 30 years of combined location and rental house experience and we have one of the few smaller grip trucks available in South Florida with a full-sized 7’x8′ 3300lb liftgate. This will keep your crew happy, and your load-in/load-out time to a minimum! We also have a database full of South Florida grips, electricians, riggers, and gaffers. We’ll be happy to crew up your G&E department.

Download MP Grip Equipment List:

  • 1-Ton List
  • 3-Ton List

Kino Flo Rental

Kino Flo fluorescent lighting has become a staple of modern productions. They produce a soft light source that is easy on the eyes for the talent and looks great on camera. They are cool to the touch when in operation, and can be wrapped immediately after striking. This makes Kino Flo an ideal light source for quick interviews.

ARRI HMI Lighting Rental

ARRI is among the most well-respected manufactures of studio lighting today. Their HMI lighting solutions are 5x-8x more efficient than their tungsten bulb counterparts. HMI lighting produces a cool 5600K color temperature that is very close to natural sunlight. This makes HMI lighting ideal for supplemental lighting on outdoor shoots or lighting an interior room through a window.